Anita Mizrahi

In the run-up to Art Trade, we introduce the participating artists by asking them some questions. Today: Anita Mizrahi, who could see herself being an actress.

What does an artist do throughout the day?

 Anita in her studio.

Anita in her studio.

Pretending to make art. Sometimes it works.. I go to my atelier and experiment with all kinds of techniques whenever I’m in Amsterdam and have some time but more often I’m traveling the world, finding inspiration that i bring back to put into my creative output.

Which artwork (well-known or unknown) do you wish you had made yourself?

Maybe something from Antoni Tapies, the Spanish painter.

What would you have become, if you weren’t an artist?

An actress because that lifestyle would fit me very well. Working on different projects, traveling and live multiple lives.

Why do you think Art Trade is a good idea?

It works like a community where everybody is involved.

What other projects are you working on?

I’m going to France, Iran, Armenia and China for the next several months. I’ll be taking photo’s there and I’m also working on a new film. I just finished a documentary about a pottery project in Ghana.

 Anita Mizrahi, Woman with Sheep.

Anita Mizrahi, Woman with Sheep.