Eleonora Stol

In the run-up to Art Trade, we introduce the participating artists by asking them some questions. Today: Eleonora Stol, who doesn't like Art Trade, but loves Fleur & Wouter.


What does an artist do throughout the day?

Get inspired, look at my pieces and attack them with everything I have. Emptying out tubes of paint, making sketches and studies. I constantly think about my work, even when I travel or go for a stroll.

Which artwork (well-known or unknown) do you wish you had made yourself?

Nothing! Only my own work counts for me, I’m inspired by myself and nothing else matters. If I would get off on someone else’s work I wouldn’t be a real artist.  

What would you have become, if you weren’t an artist?

I would have lived inside my fantasy world.

Why do you think Art Trade is a good idea?

Well I don’t, actually. But I like Fleur & Wouter.

What other projects are you working on?

A big exhibition in Israel with a series inspired on the desert. A project in Italy, they love my work there, and I’m going to Paris for inspiration and gallery visits.

 Eleonora Stol, Roma con Amore.

Eleonora Stol, Roma con Amore.