Art Trade

Art Trade, the auction where you can bid with everything except for money.

During the event eighteen artists offered their painting, drawing or photo up ‘for sale’. Visitors got the chance to make a bid with anything you can possibly think of except for money! What about a stay in your second home, your extra bike, a home-cooked four-course dinner or a blue diamond? What do you have to offer?
At the pre-sale exhibition in the afternoon visitors could make their bid. The festive auction took place in the evening under the direction of auctioneer and performer Tobias Verhagen. It was the artist’s choice on which offer to take on.

The participating artists:  
Anita Mizrahi, Carmen Schabracq, Eleonora Stol, Eva Mooiman, Floor van het Nederend, Josefina Anjou, Kyra Sacks, Laura Andalou, Lonneke van der Palen, Marijke van Seters, Marilyn Sonneveld, Niklas Hallman, Perishable Rush, Sam Andrea, Sanja Marusic, Shannon Avril Martin and Stikstok.