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Dahmer's dates & other sex stories

  • Galerie Fleur en Wouter 43A Van Ostadestraat Amsterdam, NH, 1072 SN Netherlands (map)

In this exhibition we show artworks about one of the most recurring subjects in art: sex. Gees Voorhees, Johan Kleinjan, Anton Martineau and Sam Andrea each in their own way show their fascination with this subject.

For the last three years, Johan Kleinjan and Gees Voorhees have been drawing all of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer. This American serial killer met his victims, often black underprivileged boys, in gay clubs or on the street. His exuberant and gruesome way of killing, his necrophilia, cannibalism and the post-mortem mutilation of his victims shocked the United States in the early 1990s.

His life story and the motives behind his 'murder spree' have become the subject of many documentaries, films and books. Over the years, Dahmer has become a cult figure for many people. Anyone typing 'Jeffrey Dahmer merch' on Google will find an abundance of t-shirts, mugs and tattoos with his image. It’s not only Jeffrey Dahmer who has this status, in recent years a large number of films and documentaries about serial killers like Ted Bundy and the Unabomber have appeared.

Though unlike these, the victims of Dahmer have been forgotten by the general public. It’s hard to find any pictures of them at all. Johan Kleinjan and Gees Voorhees have created a monument for them. They have drawn them in their own characteristic raw style and this series is presented in the gallery. Next to this they also ridicule the cult status of Dahmer and the glorification of serial killers. In a large installation in the shape of Dahmer's stomach, visitors can experience what it is like to be eaten by this American monster.

Anton Martineau and Sam Andrea have also been fascinated by carnal desires for a lifetime, although with them this is less extreme than with Dahmer. The two painters draw women and copulating couples in very different ways. Anton Martineau (1926 - 2017), of the CoBrA generation, paints his women in an expressive style. The ugliness and shame of lust splashes off the canvas. Man and woman become one, as in the gouache 'sex explosion', and then burst apart like an orgasm.

Sam Andrea's paintings are realistically painted. This contrasts in a special way with the chaos in his life. We are used to his gigantic canvases in which he searches for the madness within himself, running naked through an ominous landscape. In addition to these paintings, Sam also chooses more intimate themes, such as a girl who is masturbating in bed. These will be on display in the exhibition.

OPENING: Friday 23 August, 17.00-21.00

Earlier Event: June 14
Later Event: November 8
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