Art Trade
to Sep 20

Art Trade

During the event fifteen artists will offer their painting, drawing or photo up ‘for sale’. Visitors get the chance to make a bid with anything you can possibly think of except for money! What about a stay in your second home, your extra bike, a home-cooked four-course dinner or a blue diamond? What do you have to offer?
At the pre-sale exhibition in the afternoon visitors can make their bid. The festive auction will take place in the evening under the direction of auctioneer and theatre-maker Tobias Verhagen. It’s the artist’s choice on which offer to take on.

Participating artists are:  
Anita Mizrahi, Carmen Schabracq, Eleonora Stol, Eva Mooiman, Floor van het Nederend, Josefina Anjou, Kyra Sacks, Laura Andalou, Lonneke van der Palen, Marijke van Seters, Marilyn Sonneveld, Niklas Hallman, Perishable Rush, Sam Andrea, Sanja Marusic, Shannon Avril Martin and Stikstok.

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Wild Beasts, new talent in painting
to May 14

Wild Beasts, new talent in painting

  • 78A Kerkstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1017 Netherlands (map)
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Wild Beasts: New talent in painting
Opening: 29 April 16:00 - 20:00
Finissage: 14 May April 16:00 - 19:00

Galerie Fleur en Wouter is pleased to announce a new exhibition: Wild Beasts, new talent in painting. In this exhibition we will present four upcoming artists who work in the same medium. With the artists we will investigate how one can still work in a 'slow' medium such as painting in an area where 'fast' media such as photography and film are becoming more and more popular in art, as well as daily life. Sam Andrea, Renske van Enckevort, Niklas Hallman and Olivier Schimmel all react to this trend in a different way.

We hope to see you during this exhibition.

Fleur & Wouter


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'Elan'  an exhibition with Eleonora Stol and Anton Martineau
to Jan 22

'Elan' an exhibition with Eleonora Stol and Anton Martineau

Martineau and Stol are soul mates. They both find inspiration in themes such as passion, lust, poetry and the tango. This can be seen in Stol’s colorful and expressive style, with references to surrealism in theme and technique. Martineau’s work is equally expressive, but the palette is sober. In his work we find themes such as the still life, the courtesan and the portrait, but in surprising interpretations. Both artists have always gone their own way. Martineau, for example, wouldn’t link himself to the famous CoBrA group. This has left the artists with a unique position in the contemporary Dutch art scene.

During the exhibition we present work on paper and canvas. Edwin Becker, head of exhibitions at the Van Gogh Museum, will perform the opening

Foto: © Inta Nahapetjan

Foto: © Inta Nahapetjan

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