Permanent location opening April 5th

Exciting news! Gallery Fleur & Wouter and GoMulan Gallery will be permanently located at the Van Ostadestraat 43A in de Pijp in Amsterdam. The two galleries will alternately create exhibitions at this permanent location under their own name. Our first exhibition: The great Fleur & Wouter show will be open till May 5th. Read more.

Past: Chinezen | 20.10.18

For China Pavilion 2018 we organized an exhibition at VondelCS about artist and illustrator Johan Kleinjan, who has developed a special relationship with China. Read more.

Past: This Art Fair | Laura Andalou, Floor van het Nederend & Lonneke van der Palen| 27.12.18 - 30.12.18

During This Art Fair, the works of Laura, Floor and Lonneke – three contemporary artists who in their work search for mysterious elements in real or unreal societies – are presented in the fictional reception parlour of an old adventurous Duchess from the 19th century. Read more.